AMAB display lines get 20% efficiency increase with Easy Systems solution

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AMAB is a custom engineering company with 800 employees in 3 locations around Brussels; Asse, Halle and Zaventem. AMAB offers a varied range of services and one-stop-shop total solutions, within their own walls or at the customer’s site. Building up, filling and preparing displays for transport is one of their strategic pillars.

Across the various sites and at the customer’s site, AMAB is responsible for a.o. electrical assembly, washing reusable cups, e-fulfillment, etc. At the site in Asse, the emphasis is also on building up, filling and preparing displays for transport. Given its size of 10,000m², this modern site is well-suited to the needs of the FMCG market.

Companies such as Jet Import (Red Bull), Duvel Moortgat and Carlsberg, for example, rely on AMAB for their displays. All goods are delivered to a central point, assembled and sent from there further down the chain, after which they end up as eye-catchers in the retail market.

Need for optimisation, need for Easy Systems

In order to meet the increasing demand of its customers, AMAB needed an optimisation of the display area. This in order to increase the output by implementing a more efficient process whereby, moreover, the ergonomics for the customisers was a priority.

In the former work area, the workers had to fill both the lower and upper layers of the display over a height of 1.40m. Given the large volumes and weight of the products, this working method was under pressure.

Based on a thorough internal analysis, AMAB mapped their specific needs. Together with Easy Systems, they looked for the perfect solution, from which a clear concept soon followed. With this basic lay-out, Easy Systems could quickly get to work to finalise the line-up.

Efficiency improvement of 20% for AMAB

A simple solution with a big impact. We installed an ergonomic roller conveyor for filling the displays. The displays now leave on a conveyor belt where employees can easily fill the bottom layers.  Next, these displays go via a lift system to a lower level, so that the upper layers can also be filled easily. Finally, the displays arrive at the packing station, where they are picked up for distribution.

The line item optimisation has led to increased output and job satisfaction among our employees. Thanks to the clear line structure, we were also able to quickly switch the workstations to corona safe distances, so that continuity was guaranteed” says Lars Dedobbeleer , Process, Innovation & Planet Manager.

Smooth cooperation and a good view of the future

The cooperation between AMAB and Easy Systems has always run smoothly. The urge to improve was very present on both sides and this is noticeable in the result.

We have our own technical department that is very happy to work with the materials from Easy Systems. The flexibility and expandability of the system is also a big plus.” Tells Lars.

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