Our expertise in the production industry

Frako, Eribel, Recor, Theuns, Aluvin, Brady, Demeyere, Group Nivelles, Locinox, Lo Minck, Microtherm, Tente, Mauquoy are just a few names of the many production companies where we supply conveyor systems as well as complete projects.

Manufacturing industry

Case: conveyor tailored to the production environment at Frako

Frako is a manufacturer of kitchens, fitted wardrobes and other joinery products. In their production zone in Weelde, cabinets are pre-assembled and packed for transport to the installers and / or end customers. These finished cabinets come naturally in many different formats, which poses the necessary problems to ergonomics.

For this client we have realized a customized conveyor, adapted to the specific production environment and customer needs. A roller conveyor installed in a hinged way: via a 2-hand operation, the roller conveyor with cupboard is tilted upright for simplified removal. Furthermore, the end stop can still be folded away if they transport large lengths such as finishing plinths.

Manufacturing industry

Case: Stock optimization and just-in-time assembly at Tente

In the past Tente Kruishoutem had a large stock with finished products. Today they use those vacant square meters to store their parts. What allows them to finish their orders just in time. We helped them to do stock optimization. And to make the switch from classic production to lean manufacturing. In this way we realized for them a total solution with conveyors and work tables.

We guide you through the new flow. An order is coming in with so many wheels for that particular application. The warehouse staff then load the necessary components into a bin and place them on the belt. He brings the parts to the assembly desk of the assembler. In the past, that happened with forklift trucks, now that is fully automated. In the production hall the wheels are then assembled on the work tables. The parts that are left will be send back to the warehouse via an underlying conveyor. Then the box goes to the packing station and then to a buffer zone. From there it goes to the right truck for the final shipment.

The result? Stock optimization and less forklift traffic. And a new internal flow that allows Tente to produce just in time.


Case: Aluminium profiles and components at Leggett & Platt Automotive

As the world leader in automotive seating systems and components for suspension, L & P Automotive Group continues to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. L & P is a production company that develops and builds its own machines with an internal engineering department. That is why it is important that the machine frames can be constructed in a modular manner, whereby changes can be made quickly and at a high level. The aluminium system profiles and accessories supplied by Easy Systems are extremely suitable for the construction of the machines, but can also be used for the safety shields around the machines. These profiles are also perfectly usable for ergonomic assembly tables, whether or not electrically adjustable in height.


Case: The internal logistics at Besli optimized: less walking, more picking

Besli, a Dutch wholesaler in electronic materials in Arnhem, was looking for the way to optimize their internal logistics, and to pick faster and more in their warehouse. We came up with the perfect solution.
Besli’s intention was clear from the beginning: reducing the walking movements of their employees, and picking more orders at the same time. Their future transport system had to make them work more efficiently and improve the internal logistics of their warehouse.

The boxes where the pickers collect their orders now depart from a mezzanine floor. Forklift trucks transport the containers via an aisle to the other side of the floor. The bins go down through vertical transport, where they roll out on a gravity roller conveyor. The employees take the bins off the track and pack the products.

We also improved the internal logistics by building a conveyor belt at the packing tables. The employees place their packed orders on them, which then leave to a central point where all materials are collected on carts.

Plastics industry

Case: Conveyor system avoids the immobilization of an entire filling line

What happens if one part of your production line stops? At PVG Liquids, that would have two consequences: a whole line that stops and the risk of damaged products. We designed and built a conveyor system for them that eliminates these two risks.

Our conveyors automate the transport of bottles from the blower up to the filling installation. The fuel buses follow a length of a mile to the filling installation, which is actually nearby. Why those superfluous meters at first sight? Because otherwise problems arise when the filling machine stops. Because if it is stationary, the buses in the blower can not go anywhere. And in the blower the temperatures rise high, with the result that the sixty buses that are stuck there break. Our conveyor system therefore creates a buffer space in addition to an automatic flow.


Case: Ergonomic working environment in the aviation industry

For one of our customers in the aviation industry, we realized innovative designs that offer employees in the aviation sector a more efficient and ergonomic working environment. Specifically, this involves work platforms, workbenches and transport systems that are height-adjustable. We realized this in cooperation with reliable partners. In the past, helicopters were brought to the work stations. The design of the work stations now makes the reverse movement possible: mobile workstations are being driven to the helicopters. The work platform is also the most important part of this story. The requirements were: compactness, stability, flexibility, multifunctionality and mobility, and this following the strictest safety requirements.

Paper & cardboard

Case: Transport of printed matter with attention for paper waste

For the transport of printed matter from the printing press to the packing zone or distribution zone, our flat conveyor belts and vacuum belts are typically used. However, we also distribute systems to facilitate the recovery of paper waste. A large amount of paper waste arises in the start-up and run-out of the printing process. Instead of manually transporting this large mass with carts to a container, we take this task by means of conveyor belts. This is what we realized for our customer in Erpe-Mere.

The paper is lifted from the various printing presses by means of risers. These risers in turn deposit the waste on joint discharge belts. The discharge line comes through several valves in press containers. Each of our set-ups, transport systems are carefully positioned so that the supports and suspensions do not interfere with the production machines and the passage of the operators.

Achievements of Easy Systems are in the meantime in Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Eastern Europe, China, USA, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, …