Belt conveyors & cog belt conveyors

Transport systems based on conveyor belt or timing belt

Conveyor belts and toothed belts offer the solution for easy transport of various goods. This way your product flow can be optimized quickly and easily. The modular transport systems can be flexibly used for an efficient adaptation of your current system or for expansion. Our experienced engineers can offer you informal advice or draw the solution you need. Your lead time and satisfied customers are our responsibility.

Using standard components, we offer transport systems based on conveyor belt or cog belt. We also distribute special belts such as vacuum belts, telescopic belts, mesh belts, troughed belts, belt conveyors,… Thanks to our kinking, rising and curving belts, the trajectory can be flat or with rising and falling sections, and may contain bends. The structures are designed in aluminium or stainless steel.

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I started Easy Systems in 2007 after more than 10 year’s of experience in the sector.

Our mission is to be the contact point for machine manufacturers, logistics centres, production companies, assembly factories and sheltered workshops, all of whom need a reliable partner.