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Process optimization for a short lead time

Increasing productivity and capacity can be made possible thanks to our conveyors. Easy Systems provides automatic and semi-automatic solutions for a higher efficiency of the transport and distribution of your goods. This way we guarantee total process optimization. We keep your lead time under control by making your product flow easier, cheaper and more effective. Our engineers and technicians with years of experience think along and give advice. Through the use of standard components, our range extends from simple adaptations to complete projects. Your lead time and satisfied customers are our responsibility.

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Our expertise in logistics & distribution

Whether it concerns warehouse facilities or process optimisations, at Yusen Logistics, Vos Logistics, Cava Logistics, Black & Decker, Topa Packaging, Van de Velde, Van Oirschot, Bleckmann, FLOS, Yusen Logistics and more, our conveyors are active for logistics and distribution.

Case: Less manual work for the same output

An installation that automatically moves stored boxes from the first floor to the ground floor. That is what we designed and built for a customer in the Netherlands active in supply chain management. About 300 million items pass through their 215,000 square meters of warehouses every year. The result? A tailor-made internal transport system that seriously prunes in working hours. This installation does the same amount of work as four (!) full-time operators.

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Case: We bring color and logic into internal transport flow

As an international logistics company, Yusen Logistics is the point of contact for all possible forms of transport. We were active in one of their Dutch offices. We developed a tailor-made solution that facilitated the entire internal transport flow – from order picking to shipping.
The warehouse is divided into three zones where materials are picked. For their bins they use the colors red, yellow or blue, depending on the zone. Once the materials have been collected, an overhead roller conveyor transports the bins to the packers.

When the bins are empty, the packers put them away on the bottom lane. Our transport systems contain the intelligence to know where each bin should go. We also designed and delivered the packing tables and associated racks to store boxes.

Achievements of Easy Systems are in the meantime in Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Eastern Europe, China, USA, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, …

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David Taverniers

General Manager

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I started Easy Systems in 2007 after more than 10 year’s of experience in the sector.

Our mission is to be the contact point for machine manufacturers, logistics centres, production companies, assembly factories and sheltered workshops, all of whom need a reliable partner.