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Aluminium profiles and conveyors for integration into machines

Thanks to our years of experience as a supplier of system integrators and machine builders, we can offer you the best customized solution. The use of standard components ensures maximum freedom and flexibility in design. This means that you can make adjustments or maintenance quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Easy Systems is the supplier that can be of service to you with the aluminium profiles and constructions for making your frame, gripper, shielding, etc. as well as the complete package of internal transport systems. And this for small parts such as pralines, to full pallets. The limited engineering costs and the production of parts in series make it possible to deliver at a favourable price.

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Our expertise in machine building, automation & robotics

Montech, Pullmaflex, LASE, IPTE, Rolan Robotics, IMA, Aamec, Intrion, Automation & Robotics, Boucherie, Ninix, are some of many machine builders who have been ordering their parts with us for years. As a reliable supplier, we distribute aluminium profiles, constructions and conveyors that are easy to integrate into your machines.

Case: Wedge conveyor to washing installation

For our customer in Roeselare, a machine manufacturer of washing installations, it is important that the products are transported to the washing installation with as little dirt and residue as possible. To solve this problem a special conveyor is needed. Our engineers have drawn up a customized solution for our customer, and created an efficient system. The supply of the boxes and crates was done with a mat top conveyor after which a wedge conveyor takes over the products and tilts 360 ° so that the remaining dirt falls out of the packaging before they go to the washing installation.

Achievements of Easy Systems are in the meantime in Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Eastern Europe, China, USA, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, …

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I started Easy Systems in 2007 after more than 10 year’s of experience in the sector.

Our mission is to be the contact point for machine manufacturers, logistics centres, production companies, assembly factories and sheltered workshops, all of whom need a reliable partner.