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Cost-efficient customized conveyor solutions

Due to the growing second-hand market, many sorting centres have increasing goods to process each year. The reduction in subventions and the limitation for recruiting people require different solutions. Because of our good cooperation with several sorting centres, we have come up with a solution that allows twice as much to be sorted without extra employees and with less burden on the employees. The sorting line is built up flexibly so that it can be adapted to the available space, number of employees, ….

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Our expertise for social workshops, thrift shops & training centers

Our expertise in social workshops, thrift shops & training centers translates into numerous realizations for various clients such as Amival, Beart, Entiris, KU Leuven, Oesterbank, ZKW, and thrift shops Aalst, Geel, Malle, Mechelen, Vilvoorde, West Limburg, Leuven, …

Case: Automated sorting line on a platform for Kringloopwinkel Mechelen

How to process more items with the same number of hands? An automatic workflow is the answer. But what if your workshop itself becomes too tight? Then platform building offers the solution. Together with Almasy we realized an automated sorting line on a platform for the thrift shop in Mechelen.

The end result in Mechelen? Working more efficiently thanks to an automated sorting line. And thanks to the platform, a doubling of the number of square meters on the same surface.


Case: Recycling shop Zuiderkempen doubled input thanks to our automatic textile line

From 1,000 kilograms of used clothing to 1,500 and even peaks up to 2,000 kilograms. That is the result that the Kringwinkel Zuiderkempen books with their automatic textile line.

We at Easy Systems took care of the installation. This line makes the sorting process smoother and more efficient. With a doubling of the output as a result. And that without putting more pressure on their staff.

Achievements of Easy Systems are in the meantime in Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Eastern Europe, China, USA, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, …

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