Easy Systems is ready for its customers

With 3 equipped vans, 20experienced technicians and an extensive stock of basic materials, we provide excellent customer service. Easy Systems offers you security for the proper functioning of your installation.

You can always contact us for maintenance, extension or repair of transport systems or constructions. We can adjust conveyor belts, convert existing installations, repair wear and tear, check the control system and finish the installation completely.


  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment of conveyors
  • Expansion
  • Conversion of existing installations
  • Repair
  • Control of steering

For interventions you can always contact us by phone or mail. If you contact us by telephone before 10 am, the intervention can take place on the same day. Phone calls after 10 am or reports by mail to the mail address are handled the next working day. In case of emergency, an emergency intervention is always possible after consultation. The repair depends on the available material.

Repairs and checks during an intervention are carried out under our direction at our standard rates, available on request. The bill of materials and prices of the required spare parts can be communicated after a first control and intervention of the present installations. During this inspection, a list of critical parts is drawn up, which must be taken from stock in order to make a quick repair possible in the event of a defect.

A Question about our

Dries Van Hoof

Service & Operations Manager